Tuesday, May 10


My latest investment this weekend was a Sweet helmet - Strutter (US$179). I believe the company is from Norway: Sweet Protection

New Helmet - SWEEEEEEEEEEET! Posted by Hello

I've seen quite a few on the river, they're great looking and the bill gives good face protection, especially beyond the helmet that I have now (Rock Headz). I tried the SM/MD and found it to be really small, but also found the MD/LG to be really big. It comes with these red flame shaped shims and I used all 5 to get a good fit. I still don't have the straps adjusted quite right yet and so it pinches quite a bit if you cinch it down to stop the helmet pushing back too much and exposing your forehead.

The one downside is that the helmet is HOT! I had a headache after paddling in 80 degree weather this past weekend and was actually filling my helmet with cold water and dumping it on my head to cool it down. Others have said the same.

All in all a thumbs up! It's what all the cool people are wearing.... ;-)


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