Sunday, January 1

New Boat - Jackson Hero

I got boat #3 this past weekend which is a Jackson Hero. I'm at the top of the weight range at 5'10" 155lbs, but the boat sits high on the water and handles my weight very easily. The Super Hero goes up from 150lbs to 240lbs, which is just too big. It seems that I end up right in an awkward spot in terms of weight range for many boats.

Most of my friends have been getting the Dagger Mamba, with mixed reviews mostly positive. One of the criticisms was the quality of the plastic & construction. I demo'ed the Jackson Hero from a local store and liked it, and also liked the price, $599 for a demo in excellent condition vs. $995. I took the plunge and bought it, so far I like it. I'll let you know how it holds up. It has a little bit of a retro look given the pointy bow but at 64 gallons has decent volume, so far I wouldn't mind if it had a couple more gallons. Oh well, nothing is ever perfect.

Weight: 35.0 lbs (16 kg)
Length: 8'0" (246 cm)
Width: 23.75 inches (61 cm)
Height: 13.5 inches (35 cm)
Knee Height: 12.1 inches (31 cm)
Volume: 64.0 gallons (242 L)
Max Inseam: 34.0 inches (87 cm)
Max Foot: Size 12.0 (mens)
Optimum River Running: 80-150 lbs
Optimum Creeking Weight: 100-150 lbs
Cockpit Dimensions in inches: 20 x 34
Price - US $995


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