Monday, May 16

River Stink & De-Funking Gear

My gear has gotten increasingly stinky, especially those things I've had for a while. I finally decided that I needed to try & find something that was working better than just rinsing or regular detergent. Here's my 25 cents:

- Rinsing with water doesn't cut it.
- Rinsing with water then in household detergent and rinsing again doesn't cut it either.
- Wetsuit Shampoo from Aquaseal (available from NRS). This seems to do OK for keeping new gear from getting stinky. I don't think it is as effective for older already stinky stuff or when items have been used for multiple days without washing if you're on a trip
- "Sink the Stink" for Diving Gear has been recommended and seems to do a decent job. I just got some and so haven't used it for long. You can also let stuff soak for stubborn funk. They recommend not rinsing after treatment, but I actually washed my gear in the Wetsuit Shampoo first, then rinsed, then soaked in "Sink the Stink".

Bottom line, specialized cleaners with enzymes to break down bacteria seem like the way to go. Do your paddling buddies a favor for those long shuttles - no one likes you when you stink BEFORE you get on the river.

I'd be interested in what others do, post your comments.


At 10:01 AM, Anonymous shaunotter said...

Somebody once told me that Borax was OK for neoprene use and did a good job -- haven't tried it yet.


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