Friday, December 30

Trip Report: American (South Fork "Gorge" - High Flow) - 12/30/05

Run: Lotus to Salmon Falls
Difficulty: III+ to IV
Flow: 5000+ (Estimated)

Nice fun run from Lotus to Salmon Falls with Brian & Christine. Chili Bar guage was around 3.5K to 4K with additional cfs added before the Gorge. I demo'ed the Jackson Hero & liked it. Left line at Fowler's. Satan's was fun, the eddy immediately before was there and we took that before punching through. Not a big deal. Nice wavetrains but Hospital Bar was washed out mostly into a moderate wavetrain. Moving water all the way down to Salmon Falls although Surprise and the final rapids weren't as big as at lower flows. Fun run though.

Thursday, December 1

Kayak Porn

A very cool & fun video of kayaking in Northern California whitewater, includes some tragically funny shots of unfortunate rafters. These guys are a little whacked, if you know what I mean...
Kayak Porn Courtesy of Google Video

And some more...
Kayal Porn Courtesy of Google Video

Do you think that since I have the word "porn" on one of my posts that I'll get more hits now? Hmmmmm, I wonder...