Sunday, August 7

New Boat!! - Wavesport EZG 50

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I finally broke down and got a new boat - Wavesport EZG 50 (I'm about 5'10", 155#). About US$950 (incl tax) from The River Store up at Lotus, CA. Fair deal, they had 10% off which made them slightly cheaper than other local options. I also got the navy blue which is cool, I thought I was doomed to have a bright yellow banana boat for the rest of my life (last two have been that color - not by my choice!).

I have to take back a lot I said about Wavesport, the EZG is a really nice boat, they've turned me around. My Ace sucked, some people like it but I couldn't stand it. Also those nightmare foot bumps were terrible. I'm able to wear full rubber soled booties in the EZG without killing my feet! The outfitting is cool and I was able to get it setup in about 15 minutes just with their out of the box stuff. It needs some tweaking over time as I get used to it, but they give you plenty of options to get the right fit.

I've been running a Riot Booster 55 for the past couple of years, and it was time to get into something more playful. I was finding river runs to be a bit routine on the easier stuff and felt a bit left out when others would go off and play. I demo'ed the EZG and loved it - bought it the same day. It has nice volume, I'm told it's very playful so it is going to motivate me to get to the pool and start working on some cartwheels, back deck roll etc....


After running the EZG a few times since I originally wrote this I'm finding that I am clearly at the bottom of the weight range (5'10", 155#). I've moved the seat all the way forward to try & get the bow down. But I still like the boat!


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